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Having quality grinding tools is essential for jewellers and artisans as they enable the achievement of perfect surface and detail finishes, which are the hallmark of beautiful jewellery. Our range of sanding paper rolls, discs, and sticks are designed to offer ultimate performance, ensuring smooth and precise results with every use. Whether you're finishing fine details or preparing surfaces for polishing, you'll find the right product in our selection to meet your needs.

Technoflux Sanding Paper with Holder

This product is highly praised by our customers. With Technoflux's high-quality sanding rolls, you can effortlessly remove imperfections, finish edges, and smooth surfaces. Their grit ranges from 180 (coarse) to 2000 (extra fine), making the sanding roll ideal for intricate tasks. Its compact size fits into a micromotor holder or mounting slot, ensuring precise control and access to tight spots. The abrasive material is securely attached to the roll’s core, and the roll is made from premium KOVAX® abrasive paper. The Technoflux sanding roll is suitable for use at speeds of up to 5000 RPM. The roll has a diameter of 10 mm, a width of 30 mm, and a total sanding paper length of 50 cm.


Emery Stick (Round) 500

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Emery Stick wrapped with high quality emery paper.

Emery Paper

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Sandpaper, also known as sanding paper, is an important tool for smooth and flat sanding and finishing. It consists of

Emery Discs 22mm (fine), Grobet

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Fine grain emery discs.

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