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Siro Lasertec SLC 30W Pro Engraving Laser System

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The Siro Lasertec SLC 30W Pro is an affordable and high-quality entry-level engraving machine. It includes standard software, a protective housing, a motorized Z-axis, and a rotation axis, making it an ideal choice for jewelers and small workshops. The SLC Pro version offers additional features such as a built-in camera, advanced control software, and a touch panel. The device's advantages include various service options, a large working chamber, multiple software choices, and compact dimensions. Additionally, it is maintenance-free and comes at a low entry price.

xTool RA2 Pro for P2/D1 PRO/F1/S1

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RA2 Pro: 4-in-1 rotary helps to process different objects such as Roller Rotary, Chuck Rotary, Sphere Rotary, Ring Rotary, etc. RA2

xTool F1 Slide Extension standard version

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4X working area than xTool F1 itself Still fast & precise and work with 500+ materials Manual/Auto Focus and Frame/Outline

xTool F1 Desktop Smoke Purifier

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Perfectly Compatible with xTool F1.

xTool F1 laser engraver

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Fastest Portable Laser Engraver with IR + Diode Laser

Siro Lasertec Fiberscan Eco 20W laser engraving machine

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FiberScan Eco is Siro Lasertec’s best-selling entry-level device. With a range of performance classes and compact size, it is particularly