Purchase online and the e-gift card will be sent directly to the recipient's email!

Purchase e-gift cards up to a value of €1000.

Purchase from our online store and we'll send the gift card to your home, ready for gifting!

Purchase paper gift cards up to a value of €500.

When choosing the perfect gift is difficult, our gift card gives the recipient the freedom to select their favourite.

The TAVAST gift card is the simplest way to give a gift! Choose the value of the gift card and let your friends or family members decide what they want – it's the freedom to choose the perfect gift!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an e-gift card and a paper gift card?

The e-gift card is a digital gift card that you can quickly and conveniently send to the recipient's email address. "It's a great way to make a last-minute gift or to send gifts to friends and family members who live farther away.

The paper gift card is a physical card that can be obtained from our store or sent by post. It's the ideal choice if you want to give a tangible gift.

Can I choose the value of the gift card myself?

Yes, you have the option to choose the value of the gift card yourself when making the purchase.

How can I purchase a gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased through our website. Simply choose the type of card, set its value, and complete the purchase process. For an e-gift card, we'll send it directly to the recipient's email immediately. For a paper gift card, we'll send it to your chosen address in the way you prefer.

How is the e-gift card delivered?

E-gift cards are delivered electronically via email. You can send them directly to the recipient's email address.

Can I use the gift card for myself?

Of course! You can buy an e-gift card and add it to your account as a credit for future purchases.

What can gift cards be used for?

Gift vouchers can be used to purchase any products in our store, including precious metals, goldsmith tools, equipment and more.

Do gift cards have an expiry date?

Yes, gift cards have an expiry date. Please check the specific terms and conditions regarding the period of validity when making your purchase.

Can gift cards be used in both online and physical shops?

Yes, our gift cards can be used in our online shop as well as in the physical store. This gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of products, be it precious metals, goldsmith tools or more. Enjoy shopping the way that suits you best.

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