About Us

About Us

The Tavasti goldsmith’s tool shop is part of the Roman Tavasti Group.

Roman Tavast is the oldest goldsmith company in Estonia, founded in 1923. and whose main activity is the design and production of corporate jewellery, badges, decorations and medals.

Roman Tavasti kullassepatöökoda

Committed to Quality and Innovation

Welcome to the world of Roman Tavast, where we combine quality, traditions and technological innovation. Our companies are dedicated to various aspects of the goldsmith industry, offering a wide range of services and products that meet the highest standards.

Roman Tavast OÜ is renowned for its craftsmanship in the production of corporate jewellery, lapel pins, decorations and medals. Our workshop combines decades of expertise and handcrafting traditions to create unique and high-quality jewellery for business clients and governmental institutions.

Find out more at https://romantavast.ee/

Tavast Eesti OÜ offers a wide range of goldsmith tools and precious metal materials. Our product range has been carefully selected to meet the needs of professional goldsmiths and hobbyists, ensuring the best quality and reliability.

Open E-Shop https://pood.tavast.ee/

We are pioneers in promoting 3D technology in the goldsmith industry. Our range of 3D printers, 3D scanners and CNC equipment are essential for today’s goldsmiths, dental technicians and industry, helping them to create complex and precise designs.

Find out more at https://3d.tavast.ee/

We offer a gold and silver scrap purchasing service, providing customers with a reliable and transparent option to sell their precious metals.

Find out more at https://tools.tavast.eu/et/vaarismetalli-kokkuost/

Tavast Eesti OÜ also offers investment gold and silver sales and buybacks, helping customers make wise investments in high-value metals.

Find out more at https://www.investeerikulda.ee/

Goldsmith's tools

Tools and jewellery materials for goldsmiths, jewellery artists and jewellers

From us, you can get all the traditional tools and the latest cutting-edge technology.
We are committed to selling only those tools that our master craftsmen use themselves or have approved.
We offer you a wide range of materials for jewellery making. Our selection includes gold and silver sheets, wires, granules, and solder.

Purchase of Precious Metal Scrap

Gold and silver scrap purchasing, where you get the best market price.

Bring your unused jewellery, dental gold or silverware to us, we will pay you the best price on the market.
We determine the assay class of items in your presence using modern XRF technology.
We process purchased metals into new sheets, wires, and granules and sell them to jewellery artists so that they can create new beautiful jewellery pieces.

3d technology

3D technology for goldsmiths and jewellers

High-quality 3D scanners and printers that make work easier and more efficient.
CNC milling machines, accessories and materials for various purposes.
Handling models made according to the latest technology is easy and convenient.

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Goldsmith's tools
and precious metals

3D technology and dental

Tavast Eesti Ltd

36 Kadaka road
Tallinn 10621

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