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Sandpaper, also known as sanding paper, is an important tool for smooth and flat sanding and finishing. It consists of strong paper on which sand grains are attached, which are used for sanding with different coarseness. Sandpaper is available in a variety of grits, from very coarse to very fine, allowing for precise control and adaptability to the specific job.


Very coarse (grit 40-60): Ideal for removing rust from metal surfaces or for quick pretreatment of large surfaces before sanding with a finer grit.

Coarse (coarseness 80-100): Used for rough finishing and quick pre-treatment of the material to remove larger irregularities or to initially prepare sanded surfaces.

Medium (grit 120-150): Good for achieving a finer finish by removing scratches from previous coarser sanding and leaving the surface smoother.

Fine (grit 180-240): Used for a finer finish to achieve a smooth and even surface before applying a final finish, such as painting or varnishing.

Very Fine (grit 280-400): Provides a very fine result for finishing, removing fine scratches and giving the surface an almost mirror-smooth finish.

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