Overview of Services

Did you know that in addition to materials and tools, you can also get various useful services from us?

Precious Metal Alloy Composition Analysis Service with Advanced XRF Technology

We offer precise and rapid precious metal analysis using the Olympus Vanta™ XRF analyser.

Our services include the analysis of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as determining the composition of alloys. The revolutionary Axon™ technology ensures fast, accurate, and consistent results.

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Metal Account Service

In the process of jewellery making, precious metal scraps inevitably accumulate – sawdust, chips, sheet fragments, etc.

With our Metal Account service, you can bring these scraps to us and exchange them for new equivalent materials, whether it's wires, sheets, or granules (gold for gold, silver for silver, etc.). You can bring in both precious metal items, larger production scraps, and small residues.

We offer this service to all our professional clients who are legal entities (goldsmiths, jewellery artists, manufacturers).

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UV Printing Service

Make your jewellery boxes unique with our UV printing service. We offer UV printing on various objects and materials such as metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, and more.

Bring us your design file and leave the rest to us. If you don't have a design file, we also offer a design service.

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