Polishing and grinding sticks (round) 500

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Our halfround polishing and grinding sticks are essential tools for metalworking, offering grit options from 80 to 1000 for precise shaping and refining of metal surfaces. Perfect for achieving professional-grade finishes with ease and accuracy.

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Unlock the brilliance in your metalwork with our round Polishing and Grinding Sticks. Crafted for precision and finesse, these tools redefine the art of finishing metal surfaces. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a DIY enthusiast, achieving a flawless polish and smooth edges has never been easier.

Imagine transforming rough, unfinished metal into a gleaming masterpiece. Each stick is designed to function seamlessly, akin to a file, but with the finesse needed for intricate detailing. The 13mm width ensures optimal coverage and control, allowing you to navigate curves and corners effortlessly.

What sets our sticks apart is their graded grit, meticulously calibrated to cater to every stage of refinement:

At 1000 grit, experience the pinnacle of smoothness with our super ultra-fine stick. Perfect for achieving mirror-like finishes and ensuring every imperfection is buffed away to perfection.

Step down to 600 grit for ultra-fine polishing, which is ideal for refining surfaces after initial shaping or welding. This grade strikes a balance between finesse and efficiency.

Move to 400 grit for super fine work, smoothing out minor imperfections and preparing your metal for its final gleam.

For general smoothing and shaping, our 240-grit stick offers a medium level of abrasion, ensuring a consistent surface texture across your project.

When initial shaping is required, reach for the 120-grit stick. Its coarse texture swiftly grinds down metal to your desired contour, readying it for finer finishes.

And for the toughest jobs, our 80 grit stick stands ready. With its super rough surface, it tackles heavy material removal and reshaping with ease.

Each stick embodies our commitment to quality and durability, ensuring longevity even under rigorous use. Whether you’re polishing jewellery, refining automotive parts, or restoring antiques, our sticks deliver unparalleled results.

Join countless craftsmen who trust our round Polishing and Grinding Sticks to elevate their creations from raw metal to refined artistry. With every stroke, witness your projects transform into shining testaments to your skill and dedication. Discover the difference precision makes—embrace the flawless finish with our expertly crafted sticks today.

Use these tools as you would use a file to polish & debur metal.

Ø 10 mm

1000 = super ultra fine

800 = very ultra fine

600 = ultra fine

400 = super fine

320 = fairly fine

280 = medium

240 = medium

120 = very rough

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