Silver Immersion Bath Edelma 0,3l

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Immersion bath for silver and silver plated objects.

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Removes the black coating (sulphide) from cutlery, jewellery etc. made of silver or objects with silver plating in seconds.


Immerse objects in Edelma for just a few seconds, the coating will disappear immediately. Larger objects can be rubbed with a cloth soaked in Edelma. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a cloth.

Silver with artificial oxidation should only be treated with a cotton wool pad soaked in Edelma and the oxide ornamental areas left out- steel knife blades, pearls, mother-of-pearl, turquoise and coral must not be treated with Edelma. Must not be used on rhodium plated jewellery. The product may cause irreversible staining of stainless steel articles and wooden surfaces.

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