Hagerty Cleaning Liquid Fashion Jewelry Clean 170ml

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Fashion Jewelry Clean restores shine to rings, bracelets and other fashion jewellery that has faded.

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Hagerty cleaning fluid for the care of fashion jewellery (crystal, zirconium and glass). Oxydation, cosmetics and perfumery are thoroughly cleaned and jewellery is restored to its brilliance.

The cleansing fluid is delicately perfumed and makes jewellery shine.

It protects rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other fashion jewellery.

The treatment is fast-acting, effective and will not damage jewellery.

It contains surfactants and a natural solvent, as well as a small basket for easy use. The wetting agents penetrate the dirt and ensure effective cleaning. Jewellery is clean and shiny again. The cleaning fluid has an almost instant result and does not leave micro scratches or marks on fashion jewellery.

Place the jewellery in the basket.
Place the basket in the cleaning liquid.
Leave on for 2 minutes.
Use a soft sponge impregnated with the product on very dirty or carved parts.
Rinse with warm water.
Dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use on textile parts of the jewellery.
Combine with Fashion Jewelry cloth for perfect results.

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