Vulcanizing rubber Castaldo Econosil 2.3kg

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Castaldo Econosil: Durable and Flexible Vulcanizing Rubber for Direct Casting of Alloys

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Castaldo Econosil brings you strength, durability and flexibility in one package – a remarkably capable vulcanizing rubber. Its versatility is not only limited to its engineering capabilities, but it is also excellent for direct casting of lead, tin, zinc and other commonly found fusible alloys.

In addition, Econosil is perfectly compatible with other casting materials such as injection wax, resin compounds, ceramic materials, soap-foot wax. Thanks to the density of this mold, the final cast has less fluctuation in weight, and the wax molds can be extremely detailed.

Castaldo Econos is as if designed for filigree wax molds, highlighting their fine lines and details.

Technical specifications:

Shore A hardness: 48-50
Vulcanization temperature: 165-176°C
Rubber Shrinkage: Low, 1.1%
Elongation before break: 555%
Tensile strength: 6.2n/mm²
Introduce your creative projects to Castaldo Econosil and experience its durability and richness of detail first hand.

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