Vulcanization rubber strip Castaldo Gelato (coloured) 2.27kg

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Introducing Castaldo® Gelato® high-strength silicone jewellery moulding rubber: mastery redefined.

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Witness the sparkle of perfection with Castaldo® Gelato® high-strength silicone jewellery moulding rubber. The fabulously glossy finish of your moulds means a dazzling finish to your wax patterns, drastically reducing the need for excessive polishing of the final castings.

Take advantage of the simplicity of cutting the mould with Gelato®. This ultra-strong silicone rubber glides effortlessly through, offering exceptional tear resistance and durability, making it an excellent choice for intricate and complex shapes. Its strength surpasses any other silicone moulding rubber available, ensuring the durability and consistent performance of your moulds.

But that’s not all – Gelato® goes beyond the ordinary. It presents itself in captivating GelatoTM rainbow colours, adding zest to your creative process. Available in both classic brown and an exciting spectrum of colours, Gelato® offers a visually appealing experience to match its exceptional performance.

Castaldo® Gelato® revolutionises jewellery moulding, offering not just moulds but masterpieces that stand out from every angle. Enhance your Gelato® mastery with unsurpassed quality and brilliance.

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