Two-component modeling rubber CASTALDO Quick-Sil Firm 0.1kg set

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Castaldo QuickSil Firm is a versatile casting material whose heat resistance allows low temperature metals to be cast directly into rubber molds. This durable material is ideal for working with metal clay as well as for casting different objects from different materials.

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Castaldo QuickSil Firm: High-quality casting material for metals

Castaldo QuickSil Firm is a versatile casting material that makes it easy to make molds and cast different objects. Its heat resistance allows low-temperature metals such as tin to be cast directly from the rubber mold.

Perfect for use with metal clay, whether molding and re-making an existing item or molding metal clay originals for future reproduction. In addition, injection wax, resin compounds, ceramic materials, soap and candle wax are also suitable for this.

QuickSil molds are exceptionally durable, allowing the production of dozens or even hundreds of wax models, depending on the complexity of the design. These molds retain their shape and durability for decades without becoming soft or falling apart.

Technical specifications:

Hardness: 40 +/- 2 Shore A
Mixing ratio: 1:1
Rubber Shrinkage: 0.0%
Vulcanization temperature: 21°C
Curing time: < 15 minutes
QuickSil Firm offers a reliable and high-quality solution for making molds and casting a variety of metal objects.

Weight150 g
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