Cold enamel Cabe 120ml


Discover coloured epoxy enamels, available in several colours.

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You can choose one of the colours from the range or mix two colours to your taste for new custom shades.

Once you have achieved a suitable shade, you need to mix the email with a suitable hardener to achieve the desired result.

Finally, place your newly-enamelled item in the oven for at least a couple of hours to dry at 70°C.

If the pieces cannot withstand the heat, keep them in a dust-free room to dry for more than 24 hours.

Once the hardening is complete, you can handle the item easily and without any problems.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

C184 white, C185 black, C186 dark green, C187 cold yellow, C188 warm yellow, C189 dark blue, C190 red, C191 ruby, C192 bordeaux, C194 orange, C195 turquoise, C229 dark chestnut, C236 light chestnut, C237 pink, C239 purple, C284 forest green, C285 azure, C375 light blue, C378 chestnut, C382 blue, C417 ivory, C418 beige, C427 lilac, C428 grey, C430 coral red, C516 mustard, C811 light green, C812 gold yellow, C813 dark red, C814 night blue

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