Mini Pickle Durston

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Thanks to its cordless design, the Mini Pickle can be picked up and taken away for emptying or topping up without having to unplug it or take any wires with you, just lift it off the cordless base plate.

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Pickling (acid cleaning) is a common process used in jewellery making to clean precious metals after soldering. The process involves immersing the metal pieces in a pickling solution, usually made of acid and water, to remove the oxide layer or tarnish that has built up during the soldering process.

Traditionally, strong acids, such as sulphuric acid, have been used in the preparation of staining solutions. However, these strong acids can be dangerous to handle and can damage metal if not used correctly.

In addition, they can have harmful effects on the environment and on the health of the user. It is therefore best to use acid-free alternatives for staining.


– Mini pickle
– Mini Pickle base / power cord

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