Filling gas Unlite 300ml

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Unilite’s LG-300 can be used to fill almost all igniters.

Comes with 6 universal nozzles.

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  • Versatile – Unilite’s LG-300 can be used to fill almost any burner, from the Creme Brulee burner in the kitchen to the Bunsen burner and gas burners in the workshop.
  • Long burning capacity – Unilite LG-300 refill bottle contains 300 ml of butane gas. Many empty gas burners can be refilled with one filling gas bottle.
  • Easy to use: insert the refill bottle upside down into the lighter’s opening, push the bottle into the burner and in no time at all, each lighter is filled.
  • Convenient – To ensure that the most common burners are refillable, we offer 6 adapters suitable for direct refilling.


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