Lampert PUK 6 Precision Welding machine

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A tool for every goldsmith, silversmith, watchmaker and many others.

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The Lampert PUK-6 is one of the best and most accurate welding machines.

Welding veneers, applying metal to edges and surfaces on jewelry and watches, similar to laser welding, fixing work, welding eyelets, sealing pores, making seams, welding precious metals including. silver, copper and bronze and all weldable alloys. Lampert’s PUK 6 is capable of welding materials with a thickness of less than 0.2 mm.

A comparison with its predecessors shows: 20 years of experience and passionate development take fine welding technology to an unprecedented level with the PUK 6.

Current (TIG) min./max. 9 – 400 A
Pulse duration (TIG) min./max. 0.1 – 34 ms
Current (fixation welding) min./max. 80 – 700 A
Pulse duration (fixation welding) 1.5 ms
Welding speed up to 3 Hz
max. Loading time 0,8 s
Number of metal programmes 11
Range display with recommended
settings +
Warning for excessive settings +
High frequency welding +
automatic gas pre-flow time +
Gas consumption approx. 2 l/min
Inert gas Argon > 99.9 %
e.g. Argon 4.6
Power consumption during welding 400 VA
Power consumption in float mode 7 W
Weight 9,5 kg

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Weight 12.5 kg


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