EVE Universal Light Blue Fine 10pcs


EVE Universal Blue Silicone Polish – Shine starts here

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EVE Universal Blue Silicone Polish has been specially formulated to provide a soft and flexible polishing solution to achieve the highest possible gloss on precious metal alloys. Its extraordinary combination of properties makes this polisher an indispensable aid in the processing of jewels, precious metals and other similar materials.

Its soft and flexible structure allows for excellent results while preserving the fine structure and details of the material.

The recommended rotation speed when using this silicone polisher is between 7,000 and 12,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). This speed gives you complete control over the polishing process, allowing you to achieve the best possible result. In addition, this polisher has an impressive maximum RPM of up to 20,000, allowing you to polish quickly and efficiently even in the most difficult situations.

EVE Universal R22f X10 1200X010 21
EVE Universal L22f X10 1201X010 20
EVE Universal I22f X10 1202X010 19
EVE Universal R22/6f X10 1203X010 18
EVE Universal R17f X10 1204X010 17
EVE Universal R17/6f X10 1205X010 16
EVE Universal L18f X10 1207X010 15
EVE Universal S6f X10 1216X010 14
EVE Universal H1f X10 1241X010 13
EVE Universal H2f X10 1242X010 12
EVE Universal H3f X10 1243X010 11
EVE Universal H4f X10 1244X010 10
EVE Universal H8f X10 1248X010 9
EVE Universal H9f X10 1249X010 8
EVE Universal H15f X10 1255X010 7
EVE Universal H16f X10 1256X010 6
EVE Universal H20f X10 1260X010 5
EVE Universal C7f X10 1217X010 4
EVE Universal C9f X10 1219X010 3
EVE Universal C12f X10 1222X010 2
EVE Universal C1425f X10 1235X010 1


  • Recommended RPM 7,000 – 12,000
  • Maximum RPM is 20,000

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Weight 80 g

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