EVE DIASYNT PLUS diamond impregnated product provides a highly abrasive grinding and polishing solution designed to reduce heat generation. Perfect for working without water and ideal for reducing crown edges.

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Synthetic glue and diamond impregnation: EVE DIASYNT PLUS is made of high-quality synthetic glue with the addition of diamond dust. This combination provides superior durability and longer life, allowing you to get more done with one product.

High abrasiveness: EVE DIASYNT PLUS has a high abrasiveness meaning that it removes material quickly and efficiently. This is especially useful when working with materials that require quick removal or shaping.

Minimal heat generation: The product has excellent heat dissipation ability to help prevent overheating during operation. This ensures that your workpiece cannot be damaged and gives you more precise control and a better result.

Suitable for use without water: Our product is designed to be used without water, which makes it more convenient to use and reduces the mess caused by residual water in the workshop.

Crown margin reduction: This product is also particularly useful for crown margin reduction in dentistry. Its high abrasiveness helps you achieve precise results without damaging the structure of the crown.

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