Mallet Rawhide & Lead Ø38mm

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A hammer made of suede leather is an indispensable tool in any jeweller’s workshop to shape and mould metal without damaging the material.

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The Durston buffalo leather hammerhead is rolled and glued with a birch handle.

The head of the hammer is made of dense rolls of leather (hide) impregnated with resin or shellac for hardening and placed on a wooden handle.

Before use – the mallet has to be conditioned.

We recommend the following:

Place the hammer between the gravel bars and grind down the hardening material. The ends of the hammer can be treated with rough sandpaper. Then soak the hammerheads in clean water (approx. 1 hour), dry and sand again.
After the treatment, the surface of the skin becomes even and softer.

Hammerhead dimensions: 89mm x 50mm

Weight: 570 g

Hammerhead dimensions: 89mm x 50mm

Weight: 570 g

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