Agate 16x12mm oval

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Agates are a captivating group of semi-precious gemstones from the chalcedony family, a subset of quartz known for its fine-grained structure and layered formation. These stones are celebrated for their striking banded patterns, which display a wide range of colors and translucencies. Agate’s unique appearance is the result of silica-rich water depositing layers of quartz in the cavities of host rocks, typically volcanic rocks or ancient lavas, over millions of years. This slow accumulation process forms the agate’s characteristic bands, with occasional inclusions of other minerals that can add to the stone’s color and pattern diversity.

The formation, diversity, and attributed properties of agates have made them a subject of fascination and appreciation for centuries. Whether used in jewelry, as decorative items, or for their believed healing properties, agates continue to be a beloved gemstone around the world, blending natural beauty with a touch of mystique

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Weight 50 g
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Transparent, Blue



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