6L ultrasonic washing machine Estmon TCE-600

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The Estmon Electronic Series ultrasonic cleaning equipment is equipped with the latest technology and the ESTMON manufacturing guarantee with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning machines.

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The TCE-600 6-liter model is equipped with a fully digital multifunction LCD control panel, which allows us to view and control all the parameters necessary to obtain an excellent ultrasonic cleaning using the touch keyboard.

These parameters consist of temperature, time, powers and advanced functions such as sweep, power increase and degassing.

Temperature function

  • The temperature function allows a precise regulation of the working temperature with a range of 11 steps ranging from 30ºC to 80ºC.

The time function

  • The time function allows us to configure the duration of the cleaning cycle in intervals of one minute to one hour.

More functionalities

  • This model is equipped with a group made up of three powerful last generation transducers that allow minimizing the power loss in the power transmission process.

Its generators allow working with different cleaning intensities: 40, 70, and 100%. If we also use the advanced PULSE function, it allows us to increase the power to 120%, increasing the performance of the maximum power by 20% more.

Another of the advanced functions that increases the effectiveness of this equipment is the multidirectional sweeping when activating this function modifies the trajectory of the ultrasonic wave creating a crossed sweep that will affect the efficiency of cleaning in areas with extreme dirt and difficult access. .

Last but not least the degassing function, gases are released from the liquid that could limit the cleaning efficiency, facilitating the transmission of the subsonic wave through the liquid.

The equipment is delivered with a lid and drain for emptying the tank. Optionally they have a basket made with high quality materials and finishes meeting all European standards.

  • Tank: 302 x 152 x 150 mm
  • Capacity: 6 Liters
  • Heating power: 270 W
  • Ultrasonic power: 240 W
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 37KHz
  • No. of transducers: 3 x 80 W
  • Drain valve: Yes

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