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Investment Powders

The quality of investment powder is crucial for jewellers as it determines the precision and sharpness of details in cast jewellery and artworks. High-quality investment powder ensures a smooth casting process, reducing defects and enhancing the durability and appearance of the final products.

The investment powders in our range are used by goldsmiths and jewellery artists worldwide. They are renowned for their accuracy and versatility, enabling you to create outstanding jewellery and artworks. In addition to universal plaster, we also offer plaster specifically designed for casting 3D printed materials, plaster for gold products, and plaster for jewellery with stones already set in wax.

SRS Classic Investment Powder, 22.5kg

This is our most popular product, and for good reason. CLASSIC™ is the result of years of research and development by SRS, making it one of the highest quality investment powders currently available. CLASSIC™ uses the finest specially filtered raw materials, all of which meet the specifications of the SRS QC laboratory.

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