Pallador 102 1L Palladium Bath Plating

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PALLADOR 102 is a high-quality white palladium plating solution designed for rapid and durable plating. It is ideal for preventing the diffusion of gold layers on copper surfaces and as an intermediate layer between white gold and rhodium. Operating conditions: 28°C, 2.2V, 0.5 A/dm². Maintenance involves adding replenishers as needed. Full safety information is available in the MSDS.

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PALLADOR 102 is a concentrate palladium plating bath purposely designed for flash plating. PALLADOR 102 are characterised by
the considerable compactness and resistance of the galvanic layer which makes it particularly suitable as a barrier against the diffusion of gold deposits on copper and its alloys. These characteristics of compactness and resistance also make PALLADOR 102 particularly suitable for use as an intermediate layer between white gold and rhodium, considerably reducing the possibility of scratches and abrasion of the rhodium-plated layer affecting the alloy below.

Color: White Palladium
Use: Bath
Color Coordinates: L:85.5 a:0.8 b:4.2

Operating Conditions:

  • Deposition Time: 90 seconds
  • Temperature: 28 °C
  • Voltage: 2.2 V
  • Current Density: 0.5 A/dm²
  • Cathodic Efficiency: 20 mg/Amin
  • Deposition Speed: 0.1 µm/min
  • Anodes: Ti/Pt net
  • Agitation: Moderate
  • Ventilation: Necessary

Maintenance of Plating Bath:

For small plating solution volumes (up to 10 liters), we suggest using the bath without replenisher. For larger volumes, we recommend using the related replenisher components:

  • PALLADOR 100RP or PALLADOR 120RP: Add 20 ml of PALLADOR 100RPA or PALLADOR 120RPA and 20 ml of PALLADOR 100RPB or PALLADOR 120RPB every 100 Amin.
  • PALLADOR 100RA: Add after analysis.
  • PALLADOR 100RB: Add after analysis.
  • PALLADOR 100WA: Add after analysis.
  • PALLADOR 100S: Add after analysis.

Safety Information:
Please refer to the safety data sheets (MSDS) for any information regarding safety and disposal.

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