Lampert Welding Wire – Titanium (0.30 mm)

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The Lampert Titanium Welding Wire, 0.30 mm, is essential for precise and flawless welding of platinum alloys. Enhance your jewellery craftsmanship with this high-quality, reliable wire.

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Introducing the Lampert Titanium Welding Wire, an essential tool for professional jewellers and goldsmiths dedicated to perfection. Measuring a precise 0.30 mm in diameter, this high-quality titanium wire is designed to meet the rigorous demands of intricate welding tasks, particularly when working with platinum alloys.

In the world of precious metals, platinum stands out for its lustrous beauty and enduring strength. However, welding platinum, especially platinum castings, requires a meticulous approach to prevent common issues such as small pores or embrittlement. These issues often arise when welding repeatedly in the same spot, compromising the integrity and appearance of your work. This is where the Lampert Titanium Welding Wire becomes indispensable.

By introducing fresh metal using this superior welding rod, you can avoid the pitfalls of repeated welds and ensure a flawless finish. The titanium wire’s 0.30 mm diameter allows for precise application, making it ideal for delicate and detailed work where precision is paramount. This welding wire ensures a clean welding area and optimal shielding gas coverage, both crucial factors when working with platinum. The result is a smooth, strong weld that enhances the overall quality of your creation.

Crafted to the highest standards, the Lampert Titanium Welding Wire is a practical choice and a professional’s preferred tool. Its compatibility with Pt 960/000 platinum ensures that your welding tasks are executed with the utmost precision and reliability. The 500 mm length provides ample material for multiple uses, allowing you to focus on your craftsmanship without frequent interruptions.

With item number 304 343, the Lampert Titanium Welding Wire is easily identifiable for quick restocking, ensuring that your workshop is always prepared for any project. Whether you are restoring a timeless piece or creating a new masterpiece, this welding wire offers the reliability and quality that discerning jewellers demand.

Elevate your jewellery-making process with the Lampert Titanium Welding Wire. Its unparalleled precision, strength, and quality make it an indispensable addition to your toolkit, ensuring that every piece you create is a testament to your skill and dedication to excellence. Embrace the confidence of using the best materials, and let your craftsmanship shine with the Lampert Titanium Welding Wire.

Platinum Pt 960/000

500 mm x 0.25 mm (19.7″ x 0.01″)

Item number: 304 343

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