Pork leather hammer Ø32mm

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The Sunburst hammer is a must-have in any jewellery workshop to shape and mould metal without leaving marks.

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The Durston , buffalo leather hammerhead is screwed and glued with a hickory handle.

The head of the hammer is made of dense rolls of leather (hide) impregnated with resin or shellac for hardening and placed on a wooden handle.

The hammer must be conditioned before use. We recommend .

Put a hammer between the gravel bars and grind down the hardening material – the ends can be made with a coarse grinder . Once removed , soak in water for almost an hour , dry and sand again.
Afterwards, you don’t see any spirals in the skin but rather like the inside of a piece of skin and have a soft surface.

It sounds a bit laborious but the time it takes to do it will give you the best result. Remember that a rubber or polymer hammer cannot be reused if one of the hammer surfaces is damaged unless it has been professionally repaired.

Head dimensions: 32mm x 63mm
Total length including head: 225mm

Weight: 125 g

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Weight 400 g


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