Soldering Board – 330 x 200 x 15

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Incorporating the Durston Soldering Board into your toolkit means investing in a product that enhances your work’s quality and efficiency. Its innovative design and superior materials ensure that you can tackle the most challenging soldering tasks with ease, providing a stable and safe platform that supports your creative endeavours.

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Crafted with the discerning jeweller in mind, the Soldering Board 330 x 200 x 15 from Durston Tools is an essential addition to any professional workspace. This lightweight yet robust board provides the perfect surface for a variety of jewellery soldering tasks, ensuring precision and safety in every project.

Made from vermiculite, a material renowned for its exceptional insulating properties, the Durston Soldering Board stands out in its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, enduring heat up to 1,100 degrees Celsius or 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike traditional boards that may degrade under intense conditions, this soldering board maintains its integrity even when exposed directly to flame, making it a reliable tool for intricate soldering work.

The vermiculite composition of the board also ensures a clean and safe working environment. Free from ceramics and asbestos, this material is non-toxic and does not produce dust, making it both odourless and non-irritating. This feature is particularly advantageous for jewellers who spend long hours at the bench, as it reduces the risk of respiratory irritation and maintains a pleasant work atmosphere.

One of the key advantages of the Durston Soldering Board is its versatility. Despite its strength and durability, the board is remarkably easy to manipulate. It can be cut and shaped with ordinary tools, allowing jewellers to customise their work surface to suit specific needs. Whether you need a particular shape for a complex project or a smaller piece for detailed work, this board can be adapted with ease, enhancing its practicality in the workshop.

Measuring 330mm in length, 200mm in width, and 15mm in thickness, the board offers ample space for a range of tasks while maintaining a manageable size that fits comfortably on any workbench. Its compact dimensions combined with a weight of just 0.6 kg make it easy to move and reposition as needed, providing flexibility and convenience.

Weight: 0.6 kg

Product Length (mm): 330

Product Width (mm): 220

Product Height (mm): 15

Weight600 g
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