Rolling mill Agile Elite C140 Durston

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Agile Elite C140 Rolling Mill, the latest premium addition to renowned Agile series. The King’s Award Celebration Edition, this exciting new rolling mill stands out with its robust and smooth powder-coated copper finish, additional features, and a suite of side extensions, bringing enhanced capabilities to simplify your metalworking projects.

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With an expanded flat area, the Agile Elite C140 provides increased space for pattern plate rolling, making it easier to work on larger projects. The wire rolling grooves come standard on the main roll, perfect for combination models. The adjustable T-bar allows for easier and faster adjustments, ensuring smooth operation. The ergonomic revolving handle adds extra comfort during use, reducing fatigue during extended work sessions.

The rear catch tray, finished in white, enhances visibility and makes it easy to retrieve pieces. The groove pointer bar ensures precision and ease in rolling, while the 5-1 reduction gearbox, a hallmark of Durston, delivers effortless rolling. The Agile Elite C140 also includes a comprehensive set of extension rollers and accessories, featuring multiple D-shaped extension rolls and comfort fit extension rolls ranging from 3mm to 6mm, catering to various metalworking needs.

To top it off, the included pattern plate allows you to create intricate designs on your metal pieces, and the rolling mill cover protects your investment from dust and dirt, ensuring longevity.

Experience unmatched quality and value with the King’s Award Celebration Edition Agile Elite C140 Rolling Mill. Each unit is uniquely numbered, with the first 1000 units offering an exclusive ownership experience. This rolling mill is not just a purchase but a lifelong partner in your creative journey.

  • Robust Powder-Coated Copper Finish: Durable and visually striking.
  • Expanded 90mm Flat Area: Increased space for pattern or flat sheet rolling.
  • Maximum Sheet Rolling: up to 6mm
  • Square Wire Rolling Grooves: 1 – 7mm (11 grooves)
  • Adjustable T-Bar: Easier and faster adjustments for smooth operation.
  • Ergonomic Revolving Handle: Provides extra comfort during use.
  • Rear Catch Tray: Finished in white for easy visibility and retrieval of pieces.
  • Groove Pointer Bar: Ensures precision and ease in rolling.
  • 5-1 Reduction Gearbox: Effortless rolling with the famous Durston gearbox.

In addition to these features, the Agile Elite C110 comes with a full set of extension rollers and accessories.

  • Extension Roll #1: 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2mm, and 1.5mm D Shape.
  • Extension Roll #2: 8mm, 6mm and 3mm D Shape.
  • Extension Roll #3: 10mm and 7mm D Shape.
  • Comfort Fit Extension Rolls: Range 3mm to 7mm.
  • Pattern Plate: Included is our best selling pattern plate.
  • Rolling Mill Cover: Protects from dust and dirt.

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