RODINOR 102 White Rhodium Solution

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RODINOR 102 is a ready-to-use white rhodium solution for bath plating, offering a shiny finish and high pollution resistance.

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Exceptional Quality and Versatility

RODINOR 102 is a premium white rhodium solution designed for bath plating. Ready to use straight from the package, this rhodium plating solution offers a wide range of working conditions, ensuring high performance and durability. Whether you’re in the fashion industry or involved in medical and biomaterial applications, RODINOR 102 guarantees superior results. Its high resistance to pollution and excellent white and shiny finish make it a preferred choice among professionals. This solution ensures your creations maintain their lustre and quality over time.

Superior Performance

Crafted for optimal performance, RODINOR 102 is renowned for its high strength against pollution. This feature ensures consistent results, even in challenging environments. The solution’s white and shiny characteristics are comparable to the best rhodium plating products on the market. Its formulation guarantees a flawless finish, making it suitable for various applications. The ease of use further enhances its appeal, making it an ideal choice for both experienced professionals and those new to rhodium plating.

Ideal for Multiple Applications

RODINOR 102 is versatile and suitable for various industries. It is ideal for applied engineering, medical and biomaterials, fashion, and goldsmith and silversmith applications. The solution’s flexibility ensures it meets the diverse needs of different sectors. Luxury brands choose RODINOR 102 for its superior quality and reliable performance. Its environmentally safe formulation and nickel-free composition make it skin-friendly and safe for use in high-end jewellery and medical devices.

Environmentally Safe and User-Friendly

RODINOR 102 is not only effective but also environmentally safe. Its nickel-free composition makes it a healthier option for both the user and the environment. The solution’s skin-care properties ensure it is safe for prolonged contact, making it ideal for jewellery that will be worn frequently. Packaged in a convenient 1-litre container, RODINOR 102 is easy to handle and store. This makes it a practical choice for busy workshops and studios.

  • Brand: RODINOR
  • Tool Type: Rhodium plating solution
  • Packaging: 1 L
  • Material: White rhodium solution
  • Design: Ready-to-use bath plating
  • Ideal for: Applied engineering, medical and biomaterials, fashion, goldsmith and silversmith
  • Applications: Rhodium plating
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