Hand brush no. 222100

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Introducing the Hand Brush No. 222100 with sleek black bristles and a convenient 220 mm length, designed for effortless and effective cleaning in any space. Perfect for achieving meticulous cleanliness with style and ease.

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Introducing the Hand Brush No. 222100, a versatile tool designed to elevate your cleaning experience with its sleek design and efficient functionality. Crafted for those who appreciate simplicity and effectiveness, this hand brush embodies style and practicality.

Imagine a hand brush that effortlessly combines form and function. The Hand Brush No. 222100 features striking black bristles that not only catch the eye but also ensure thorough cleaning without compromise. Whether you’re sweeping away dust particles or tidying up small spaces, these bristles are tailored to deliver exceptional performance with every stroke.

At 220 mm in length, this hand brush strikes the perfect balance between compactness and usability. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, offering precise control and manoeuvrability as you clean various surfaces. From countertops to keyboards, its size makes it ideal for reaching into tight corners and sweeping away debris with ease.

Quality craftsmanship meets modern design in the Hand Brush No. 222100. Each bristle is carefully selected for durability and effectiveness, ensuring longevity and reliable performance over time. The handle is crafted from high-quality materials, providing a sturdy grip that enhances your cleaning experience.

Whether you’re a meticulous cleaner or simply appreciate well-crafted tools, this hand brush is a must-have addition to your cleaning arsenal. It doesn’t just clean; it transforms mundane tasks into moments of satisfaction. Feel the difference as you effortlessly glide the brush across surfaces, knowing that every stroke brings you closer to a cleaner, more organized space.

Designed for everyday use, the Hand Brush No. 222100 is not just a tool but an essential companion in your quest for cleanliness. Its minimalist design complements any environment, blending seamlessly into your home, office, or workshop. Proudly display it on your cleaning cart or store it discreetly in a drawer – either way, its presence promises reliability whenever duty calls.

Discover the beauty of simplicity with the Hand Brush No. 222100. Embrace the elegance of black bristles and the functionality of its 220 mm length. Let cleaning become more than a chore; let it become a moment of pride with a tool that embodies quality, efficiency, and thoughtful design. Elevate your cleaning routine with a hand brush that exceeds expectations and makes every sweep a step towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Length: 220 mm

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