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Ideal for jewellery, enamel, electronics, and metal cleaning, our Scratch Brush ensures immaculate surfaces and adds a brushed matte effect.

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Versatile Cleaning Tool

The Scratch Brush with Brass Wire and Wooden Handle is ideal for various tasks. It measures 220 mm in length with brass wires of 0.12 mm diameter. This brush excels in jewellery, enamel, electronics, and metal cleaning jobs. The durable brass wires ensure immaculate surfaces, making this tool a reliable choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Pre-Soldering Cleaning

Use this brush for pre-soldering cleaning. It thoroughly cleans surfaces, facilitating successful soldering. By removing oxidation, dirt, and contaminants, it creates a pristine surface. This is crucial for strong and reliable solder joints. 

The gentle brass wire is suitable for delicate jewellery pieces, ensuring they remain undamaged during cleaning. Additionally, using this brush before soldering helps improve the bond between the solder and the metal, resulting in more robust connections.

Brushed Matte Finishing

Create a brushed matte effect on finished pieces with ease. This technique adds texture and visual interest, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of jewellery and metalwork. The brush provides a consistent matte finish, adding a professional touch to your creations. 

It is perfect for giving jewellery a unique and appealing texture that stands out. This finishing technique not only improves the look of your pieces but also adds value by giving them a handcrafted appearance.

Electrical Work and Safety

The scratch brush is also helpful in electrical work. Clean surfaces are essential for creating conductive spots for attaching wires and solder. The brass wire ensures non-sparking use, making it safe for potentially flammable environments. 

This makes it reliable for various industrial applications, including electronics and metalworking. Using this brush can help prevent short circuits and ensure a secure connection in electronic components, enhancing overall safety and functionality.

Rust and Dirt Removal

This scratch brush effectively removes rust, paint, and dirt from rough surfaces. It’s also great for eliminating small burrs. Its versatile design and high-quality construction make it an essential addition to any toolkit. 

Whether for professional or hobbyist use, this brush meets diverse cleaning and finishing needs. Regular use of this brush helps maintain the quality and longevity of your tools and workpieces.


  • Brand: Sar-Machine OY
  • Tool Type: Scratch Brush
  • Material: Brass wire, wooden handle
  • Weight:
  • Length: 220 mm
  • Wire Diameter: 0.12 mm
  • Applications: Pre-soldering cleaning, finishing, electrical work, rust, paint, and dirt removal

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