Brass brush Ø 100 mm (0.08mm)

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Introducing the Brass Brush Ø 100 mm (0.08mm), an indispensable tool crafted for both seasoned goldsmiths and passionate jewellery enthusiasts alike. This meticulously designed brush features crimped brass wire, which is celebrated for its robustness and efficiency in polishing and finishing various metal surfaces. Its versatility makes it a prized addition to any toolkit dedicated to the meticulous art of jewellery making.

At the heart of this tool lies its crimped brass wire, delivering a gentle yet highly effective brushing action. Unlike synthetic alternatives, brass wire minimizes the risk of scratching or damaging delicate surfaces, thereby preserving the intricate beauty of your creations. The crimping process enhances the wire’s durability, allowing it to flex independently to ensure comprehensive coverage and consistent finishing on intricate jewellery pieces and larger metal projects alike.

The brush is anchored by a sturdy wooden core that not only provides durability but also enhances grip and control during use. This ergonomic design not only prioritizes comfort but also pays homage to traditional craftsmanship essential in the world of fine jewellery making. The wooden core ensures longevity, and the brush remains a reliable companion throughout your creative journey.

With its 100 mm diameter, the brush strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and precision. It is large enough to swiftly handle extensive surface areas yet remains precise enough for detailed work. This versatility makes it ideal for a myriad of tasks, from meticulous cleaning and polishing to effectively removing oxidation and surface contaminants. The brush’s 4-line design maximizes contact with surfaces, guaranteeing a superior finish with every stroke.

In the hands of a skilled artisan, the Brass Brush Ø 100 mm (0.08mm) transcends its functional purpose to become an integral part of the creative process itself. Its thoughtful design and use of high-quality materials elevate the art of jewellery making, catering to the exacting standards of professionals and dedicated hobbyists alike.

Enhance your craft with the Brass Brush Ø 100 mm (0.08mm). With its crimped brass wire, durable wooden core, and meticulous design, this tool is crafted to deliver exceptional results. Experience how a quality tool can transform your work and nurture your creativity, ensuring each piece of jewellery reaches its full potential with this dependable and expertly crafted brass brush.

Crimbed brass wire.


Wooden core.

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